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Thursday, September 23, Ramblings of a crazy lady! Since the majority of my time this week has been spent working on the Christmas Quilt , I have had a lot of time for thinking.

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I have thought about what the future holds for us, I have thought about the things I'd like to be doing and I have thought about the things I should be doing - like cleaning the house! I would be surprised if I ever found anyone that 'truly' loved cleaning their house. I mean, surely there are better things that a person could be doing rather than spending time scrubbing, sweeping and dusting?

I will avoid it at all cost. I would rather scrub the toilet with a toothbrush than clean the microwave. When my lunch exploded inside the microwave the other day, I was less than impressed. Just so you know I'm not exaggerating when I say 'exploded', here is a picture of the inside of the microwave: I did clean the microwave after this event, but it got me to thinking about possible solutions to my microwave cleaning hatred and I think I've come up with possibly the best invention of all time - The disposable microwave!

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Energy Recap 11//20/ Ramblings of a Crazy Woman — Wise Healing

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Ramblings of a crazy lady!

Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. I love my friends, i bend over backwards and beyond to help them in any way i can, sometimes to my detriment, this time definitely.

I was not important to her, if i had been there would have been more than public statements about the situation. Goodbye friend, i will miss you, more than you know.

"I Have No Inspo ..."

I just got back from having coffee with my new uni friend Kim, once again Vincent's was the venue, I love how that place feels like i'm in the Blue Mountains, it is certainly one of my faves, though the new place that has opened in town really impressed me, and the convenience of that makes it even better. Kim was really upset when she got there, her daughter who is 6 has been having some major bullying issues at school, particularly being excluded by the other kids.

Well yesterday Kim accompanied her daughter on a school excursion and got to see exacctly where the bullying is coming from, it's the parents of these children :. More than one of them told Kim to her face that they did not want their children playing with her daughter, and when Kim asked them why, the reasons were ridiculously petty, such as Kim's daughter aparantely removed a child's umbrella sleeve, or had some of another child's chips at lunch. It's just plain ridiculous, and from the sounds of things, these women ganged up on poor Kim yesterday.

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It really got me thinking about what happened on the weekend and this and just how some people really don't realise how children are sponges and take in everything that we do and say. When it comes down to it, we as parents are responsible for our young children's behaviour, because they do what they see.

I just wish more people would take the parenting role more seriously and realise that it's not just their own children they are damaging, but other people's too. June 30th, Nasty people.. Wow, long time since I posted here, I really should start using this again, if only as a tool to vent my frustrations. Not really sure anyone reads it anymore anyway. Anyways, I have a major frustration that i really need to vent, and i think writing it down might help stop it from playing in my head constantly.

My daughter Lilianah's dad got married on the weekend, and our whole family were invited, which was really lovely of him and his wife. I have a pretty good relationship with her dad, we communicate well, and to be honest,i consider him a friend and i think he does me as well. The wedding was lovely and i was so happy for them both, it's lovely to see them so happy, even the bride commented to me at one stage how lovely it was to glance over at me during the ceremony and see such joy on my face, i truly was delighted for them both.

The reception was great, a very diverse crowd, from parents of the bride and groom, to hippy fellow activists of the bride and groom.